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Influencer marketing is a vital part of your marketing strategy. However, identifying suitable influencers is like finding a needle in a haystack. We are here to help. Through Adfocate, you have a simple and scientific way to connect with influencers whom you can trust.
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20 Million
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315 Million
What is influencer marketing?
Influencer marketing is a type of marketing strategy that uses influencers trusted by customers to drive brand’s messages. Although influencer marketing is a vital part of any marketing strategy, identifying the right influencers is difficult. Many marketers therefore simply choose the influencers with the largest follower numbers.

However, are those influencers really the right ones for your brand?

Not necessarily. According to various studies on social media, there are a large pool of factors that can affect an individual’s influence on social media, such as content quality, influencer’s personality and follower characteristics. Therefore, you need a reliable and objective platform with the ability to handle massive amounts of data to evaluate and pick the right influencers for you.

Adfocate is here to help.
Adfocate - Your innovative influencer marketing platform
Influencers whom you can trust
Our algorithm takes a wide variety of factors into consideration to identify truly suitable influencers.
Rate and provide feedback
We encourage brands to rate influencers after project completion.
Find the right match
We match you with influencers based on your needs, not their follower count.
Seminar sponsorship
Reach out to our quality content creators by sponsoring influencer’s seminars.
More control
We are linked to social media platforms, so you can promote high performing content directly through Adfocate for better results.
Influencer networking event sponsorship
Get in touch with our quality content creators by being the sponsors of our networking events.
Strong backend support
We provide influencer background checks, project and payment monitoring, and public relations crisis support
Sponsored fan events
Build a closer relationship with influencers and potential audience by sponsoring influencers’ fan activities.
Why you should choose Adfocate
Adfocate is a community for authentic influencers. Led by an independent team from one of Hong Kong's leading digital marketing agencies, Adfocate aims to encourage the creation and curation of valuable content on social media. With years of expertise in social media and our neural network technology, we strive to create value for both brands and influencers.

We are unique in the industry, for we utilize a wide variety of factors, such as page performance, compatibility with brands and past performances in our matching algorithm. We also provide project monitoring, backend support and real-time reports to allow you more controls over the projects. Brands can even promote their sponsored content directly through our platform for better impact.

With a community of over 2500 Facebook Pages, over 20 million fans and a monthly reach of over 315 million users, we are ready to serve you.