What are the requirements to join Adfocate? Do I have to have a large number of fans?
All content creators are welcomed to join. No matter who you are: writer, illustrator, athlete, professional, innovator, traveller, or art and culture lover, if you own a Facebook page and love to share, we invite you to join our family.
Do I have to pay any fees to use Adfocate?
Influencers are not required to pay referral or registration fees. Upon the completion of a project, we will charge our brand partners related handling fees.
Do I need to sign a contract with Adfocate?
You only need to register as an influencer to use our platform. No contracts required.
I’ve signed a contract with another agency. Can I still register with Adfocate?
This will depend on the terms of your contract with your agency. We are a platform for independent influencers. If you have any questions, please contact your agency.
What kind of information must I provide?
You only need to provide some basic contact information. We will contact you to verify your information. The verification process should take less than 5 minutes.
Why does Adfocate ask me for Facebook page permissions? Would this affect my personal account?
Adfocate needs these permissions to access your page’s performance data for evaluation and to manage any branded projects. Adfocate will not make any changes to your page or personal account.
I have already registered. What is the next step?
Thank you for your support. We will store your personal and page data in our database. When a suitable brand project opportunity arises, we will recommend you to our brand partners. In the meantime, we provide market insights, training workshops and community events to help you enhance your page’s performance. Feel free to join!
How do I improve my ranking to get more projects?
We measure a wide variety of factors, including page performance, content quality, follower traits, past performance and brand partner’s feedback to calculate your ranking. Therefore, the best way to improve your ranking is to produce high quality and social media-friendly content. If you need some inspiration, we provide market insights, training workshops and community events to help you enhance your page’s performance. Feel free to join!
Where can I join Adfocate’s workshops and events?
We will make announcements on our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/adfocate). Stay tuned!
Am I free to search and select brand projects?
When a suitable opportunity arises, we will automatically recommend you to our brand partners for their selection. Once our brand partner sends you an invitation, you are free to choose whether to accept or not.
How to calculate project fees? And how do I get paid?
You are free to decide on your fees, though we may provide some references for you later on. After the project’s completion, we will transfer the amount to your PayPal account.
I have several Facebook pages, but I only want to register for one of them. What should I do?
After registration, you can go to your profile page and hide the extra Pages.
What will brand partners see in my profile?
Your privacy is important to us. Only your account name and basic Page information such as Page name and ranking will be disclosed to our brand partners.